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Liquid aluminum degassing rod

In the automotive hub casting aluminum liquid aluminum foundry process often hydrogen, whencasting a product, not suck hydrogen forming pin holes in castings (tiny pores), affects the quality of the products. Using high temperature filtration and purification of porous ceramicmaterials, special high performance ceramic structure preparation technique developed can be used for high nitrogen compound ceramic material degassing device, use the material according to the product structure and the principle of the requirements of the user design, in addition togas bar is connected with a tubular rail plug, in addition to gas rod for tubular ventilation rod with a hole, through the ventilation rod by external into the inert gas, inert gas flow into the tubularbar closed by gas rod cavity, then by the high nitrogen compound ceramic tubular rail cavitythrough the wall of microporous released into the furnace, the formation of airflow to the hydrogen in liquid aluminum together with baked, use of high nitrogen compound ceramic gasbar aluminum non stick and ventilation function, through the microporous release inert gas can be realized completely remove the hydrogen in liquid aluminum. The product has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation, with long service life (can use half a year), low cost and has the advantages of good effect in gas, compared with the similar foreign products have obvious price advantage. Can be customized according to customer requirements.


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