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Gate set


Gate set as an important part of a low pressure casting aluminum alloy wheel hub system, installed on the aluminum alloy low pressure casting mold, the center of the bottom die is one of the important channels of liquid aluminum into the mold cavity, in actual use, for the rationality of the design of technology and quality have higher requirements, the company adopts the independent development and production of high nitrogen compound ceramic material, through the application of manufacturing high strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, oxidation resistance, erosion resistance and other excellent properties of structural ceramics superfine powder preparation technology, using the phase transformation toughening mechanism, by adding suitable amount of oxide in the ceramic substrate, control of sintering process and grain boundary engineering and strengthening and toughening technology to make high-performance structural ceramic gate set. Its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, liquid aluminum non-stick aluminum, no pollution, use of high strength and long service life, etc. It can customize according to customer's requirements.



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